If My Mother Can Do Social Media So Can Your Business

I used to joke that my mother is a social media guru but truth be told she usually had more engagement than most of my clients put together.

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash
Disclaimer: in this story, my mom is one of the good characters. No offence, Mother Gothel.

My mother takes the time to find her audience

And I’m not referring here only to family, friends and co-workers but to other people who have similar interests and ways of thinking. In this case, people who read a lot, love to explore the world, take beautiful photos and have a great sense of humour when commenting on today’s realities.

She stays true to herself in all she says

My mother is very good at using sarcasm and humour in her posts as she is at crafting compelling book reviews/recommendations. Her posts capture her unique personality and her values which makes people appreciate the content on her page and listen to what she says.

There’s no procrastination for my mom when it comes to posting

My mom is very active on Facebook. Be it old travel photos, a book review, a quote from one of her favourite authors or a great song she’s discovered recently, she will share all that with her audience. Sometimes, she draws people into a discussion by sharing someone’s casual rant that matches her exact views on a particular subject.

From content curation to content creation, there’s nothing she can’t do

My mother likes to curates various types of content — such as videos, photos, memes, quotes, and articles — that she finds interesting and relevant for the people in her community. She does post her own content too, such as travelling pics, photos of her beloved garden, book reviews, news regarding her industry (pharmaceuticals) and general life musings.

Just a suggestion. I’m here to help. And I also have my mother’s writing genes, just so you know.

You can count on my mother to keep the conversation going

She tries to respond to almost every comment she receives on her posts. Why? Because that’s the polite thing to do, of course. And also because that’s how conversations work, how relationships are built.

Content writer and introvert who reads, looks for, gathers, and writes stories.

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